Parents performing their stories inspired by local myths and folklore

Leap into Literacy is a creative project inspired by exploring a combination of Yorkshire and Derbyshire folklore and legends with great works of English Literature for children, young people and families.

The project will generate interest, excitement and knowledge in literacy and heritage through engagement with creativity, education and participation.  There will be four project phases and will involve mass participation to create theatrical excellence that will have a substantial reach and legacy in both the Yorkshire and Derbyshire regions.

Target Groups:

Teachers; Children aged 4 – 13 in both education and community settings; Schools, Community Venues; Libraries; Families and Parents. Specifically targeting: schools, libraries, families and community groups in areas of social, economic and cultural deprivation.

Project Aims:

  • To generate engagement and excitement in the practical study of English Literature; through the introduction, celebration and education of great works of English Literature in schools, libraries and community venues.
  • To introduce and explore the rich heritage within the Yorkshire and Derbyshire region of myth, legend and folklore, and to bring the stories and legends to new ears’ generating and exciting an interest in oral storytelling, and local heritage.
    • To provide practical creative engagement and curriculum links, developing pupil voice and confidence through creative education.
    • To create a sustainable legacy: this will be achieved through working with teachers to ensure the dissemination of work, training, and ideas for the benefit of current and future pupils, parents and teachers; providing excellent project resources which will be available to hard copies and on Griffin Theatre Arts website, and by creating valuable and lasting memories through exciting, creative and cultural experiences.
  • To provide excellent professional development for primary school teacher through the delivery of CPD.
  • To actively work with parents to provide positive and shared creative experiences between parent and child.  These experiences will encourage an interest in literacy and heritage, and link with the Extended School’s and Sheffield’s Cultural strategy.

Project Objectives

  • Griffin Theatre Arts will provide excellent professional development for primary school teachers through the delivery of CPD sessions.  The sessions will provide ideas and inspiration for using the Arts to teach literacy across the curriculum, using legends and folklore from the Yorkshire and Derbyshire region.
  • Griffin Theatre Arts will create imaginative and cross curricular education resources for schools, with family friendly sections.  The resources will encourage the use of literacy and heritage across the curriculum through creative activities and through family activities.
  • Griffin Theatre Arts will deliver creative drama sessions in schools and community venues that will include live performances of great works of English Literature and practical exploration of Yorkshire and Derbyshire folklore through creative activities.
  • Griffin Theatre Arts will offer opportunities for parents to work creatively and create creative work for their families.  Griffin Theatre Arts will promote the positive activity and results that come from families engaging with the arts.
  • Griffin Theatre Arts would like to be able to offer bursaries and subsidies for schools and communities from areas of social, economic and cultural deprivation to participate.
  • Griffin Theatre Arts will use the work and ideas generated through the other projects to create a new piece of work, which will be the culmination of the ideas and projects in which will tour in the Yorkshire and Derbyshire region, that will be inspired by previous work and will include exploration of arts…and heritage etc.

Project Phases:

  • Phase One:  Teacher training  workshops on using drama, literacy and local history to teach across the curriculum
  • Phase Two:  A tour of Chrisitina Rosestti’s Goblin’s Market and accompanying workshop into primary schools, community centres and libraries
  • Phase Three: A project in which parents will create and present stories for their children inspired by local folklore, myths and legends
  • Phase Four: A tour of a new piece of theatre inspired by research and activity from: phases one to three; stories and characters from Yorkshire and Derbyshire folklore and myths; folklore and myths from works of great English Literature.

This project has excellent links to the National Curriculum and to Sheffield’s Cultural Strategy, Made in Sheffield.  For further information on the project please contact or go to

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