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Time to Tour: Come Rain or Shine – A brand new Yorkshire play

Age:  8 – 13 year olds and families
Date: 18 November – 7 December 2013

Rain, rain and more rain! It’s 2007, the water is rising and so are the umbrellas.  Everyone’s rushing home.  Everyone except Jasmine and Eddie, locked in their deserted school classroom, the rain is the least of their worries as mysterious people from the past start to appear.

Brimful of music, hope and loss, Come Rain or Shine is a brand new Yorkshire play for 8 – 13 year olds and their families inspired by the work of South Yorkshire’s young people, will capture imaginations and hearts.

Set in a deserted classroom during the height of the 2007 floodsCome Rain or Shine centres around two young people Jasmine and Eddy, and is rooted in Yorkshire’s heritage, specifically focussing on the following periods of history:

·         1864 Sheffield Flood

·         Coal Mining

·         World War 2

·         1910-12 Sheffield Jungle (travelling circus)

·         World War 2

·         Football legend, Derek Dooley

The play is rooted in South Yorkshire heritage,but it also has universal appeal through its themes, the engaging characters and plot will enchant theatre goers from all areas. Come Rain or Shine explores local heritage and the wider history of the UK (World War Two, Sporting Achievements, Industry/Child Labour, Floods and Travelling Circus) as well as personal issues affecting young people such as friendship, bullying, bereavement & new siblings.   The play is accompanied by workshop resources for each of the key historical themes and has direct links to the following National Curriculum subject areas: English, History, PSHE and Citizenship.

We are offering schools and venues the opportunity to book the play, and to watch a rehearsed reading/scratch performance of Come Rain or Shine on the 28 June 2013 at the Blue Shed in Sheffield.

To book a production or for further information (inc. cost, capacity, technical reqs), please email info@griffintheatrearts.com or call 0114 221 0241

A Dynamite Design for Come Rain or Shine



We have been working closely with an excellent designer, Will Buckman to create a show image, poster and postcard designs for Come Rain or Shine, and we are delighted to present the production images:

These images will be appearing soon in the Children’s Festival’s brochure, but more about that soon…!!


Ignite: Music – A Soaring Success!

Dore Primary School pupils performing at the Ignite: Music celebration

Dore Primary School pupils performing at the Ignite: Music celebration

On the 11 March 2013, 180 primary school pupils from 5 South Yorkshire primary schools, together with an invited audience of parents, families and local artists, gathered together for the celebration performance of Ignite: Music at Sheffield City Hall.  The event was the culmination of work delivered in primary schools by Griffin Theatre Arts, and inspired by South Yorkshire heritage. Each of the 6 classes performing, had worked on an original song, composed by Griffin’s project musician, Tim Brooks, and lyrics written by themselves and Tim during the session. Whilst learning the song, the sessions had also explored how to use your voice including voice warm ups and techniques.  Furthermore the pieces were choreographed by Griffin Theatre Arts’ Artistic Director, Sarah Clough, in conjunction with the ideas of the participating pupils.  During the sessions, we also focussed on increasing confidence in themselves and in performing, raising aspirations and creating a memorable, high quality and positive arts experience.

The project’s writer, Stacey Sampson, attended the event, and the lyrics and performances have further informed the new play.  Stacey also took the interview to interview pupils about their experience during the project, and it is a joy to hear them speak about their positive experience, click on the links below to hear some of the pupils talk about their experiences on the project:

The pupils comments included:

  • They give us lots of confidence in what we’re doing and they encourage us
  • they’re really good at teaching us different things, and I think they’re great
  • I feel proud of myself, because when they first did warm ups and everything, I went t’back of hall, but when they finished and we were doing it I went t’front
  • I
  •  feel special, because not many schools had the opportunity to do this.

So far feedback from teachers has included:

  • Well done for yesterday, it was brilliant! And all the kids and parents loved it!
  • Thanks for everything and for giving the children such a fantastic opportunity – they gained so much from it
  • We had two children who had specific special needs (Asperger’s and Down Syndrome) – they both absolutely blossomed throughout the experienced; especially in the final performance.

We are in the process of compiling the full project evaluation, and this will be available soon.


A Title is Born

After much deliberation, we are excited to announce that the new play that will be born out of the excellent creative work by South Yorkshire’s children and young people and professional regional artists, through the Dynamite project, has now officially got a title!  The play from henceforth will be known as Come Rain or Shine.


Setting Imaginations alight through exciting drama and creative writing workshops

A drawing from the Fuse workshop at Ecclesall Library

A drawing from the Fuse workshop at Ecclesall Library

Imaginative, fun and stimulating, the Fuse workshops explored South Yorkshire history inspired by Circus, Floods, Industry, World War II or Sport, and encouraged a love and interest in literacy.    The voice, work and ideas of South Yorkshire’s children and young people, inspired by the Fuse workshops, will contribute to Griffin Theatre Arts’ Dynamite project, leading to Come Rain or Shine, a new play for 8 -13 year olds.

During the drama and creative writing sessions, children and young people explored local heritage and were encouraged to respond creatively through creative writing and drama.  The sessions were complimented be resource boxes from Museums: Sheffield and the National Coal Mining Museum.

Groups enjoyed taking part in vocal and physical warm ups, creative writing and drama activities.  We compiled feed back from the sessions.  Teachers’ reported that the sessions had been “Dynamic.  Innovative.  Energetic.” and “Developed their drama skills, using many conventions and techniques. The children were focused and engaged and really enjoyed the sessions”.  We also took the opportunity to collect feedback from participants, this included

  • I thought it was really good, and interesting and thought provoking and fun and it lent itself to the imagination.
  • It was interesting, it brings forward lots of different techniques and ideas, and putting it together makes it interesting.
  • I enjoyed it, it was a very well rounded session, with focus on lots of different things, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and I’m sure benefited from.
  • Well it’s been great fun, it’s right good for everyone to come together, and do something nice for a couple of hours.
  • I liked playing like over the top characters and that, and learning about Sheffield history and stuff.
  • To put it in one word, awesome.

Follow this link for the full the Fuse Evaluation, including further feedback. Schools were provided with workshop plans and resources following the session and a selection of these will soon be available in the resources section of Griffin Theatre Arts’ website.

South Yorkshire’s Heritage Explored in Major New Young People’s Theatre Project 

Griffin Theatre Arts are to implement an major new arts education project for the South Yorkshire region from November 2012 to July 2013. The Dynamite Project will develop the voice, ideas and work of the region’s children whilst inspiring and engaging them in arts experiences that champion creativity and celebrate regional heritage.

The Arts Council supported project is in collaboration with Museums Sheffield with resource support from the National Coal Mining Museum.  The project aims to engage several groups over an eight month period in effective and creative work, including children aged 5 – 18, schools, families and emerging local artists. The project will also specifically target regional areas of social, economic and cultural deprivation.

The Dynamite Project will be in three phases, FuseIgnite and Explosion and will delivered by professional arts practitioners, and aims to strengthen links between local artists and local arts organisations.  Through creating, exhibiting and performing art, music and drama, local children will be working with local artists to create a brand new play to be performed as part of the 2013 Sheffield Children’s Festival.

During and after each phase Griffin Theatre Arts will reflect upon and evaluate the practice, activities and the impact of the creativity upon the children. A project legacy will then be created through working with teachers to enable dissemination of training and ideas to future pupils, whilst providing project resources and the creation of future lesson plans.  The company will also work with one case study school throughout the process, monitoring the effect upon pupil’s communication and literacy skills in collaboration with the staff from that school. All South Yorkshire schools and community groups are invited to register interest in taking part in this ambitious programme of work. Schools can register interest by visiting www.griffintheatrearts.com or by contacting 0114 221 0241.

Sarah Clough, Artistic Director of Griffin Theatre Arts said “Participation in the Dynamite project will have an incredible effect on the region’s young people.  It will boost self-esteem, provide them with a genuine sense of achievement and pride in their creations; whilst encouraging enjoyment of the creative arts, developing creative thinking and raising aspirations. The project’s focus on creative learning will have direct links to the national curriculum and develop core skills such as team work, communication and confidence.  Furthermore, this exciting and multi-layered project will also offer opportunities for new and emerging Yorkshire artists and benefit those children that don’t normally engage in the arts.” 

Fuse and Ignite will be the research and development phases.  Fuse will involve Sarah Clough and writer Stacey Sampson.  These artists will work with schools across the region to explore South Yorkshire’s heritage and what it means to the local community.  This will be exercised through practical drama and creative writing sessions, stimulating creative thinking and encouraging confidence.  There will be five key strands of research: Industry (focusing on coal mining and steel works), Floods, Sport, Circus and World War 2.  The work generated from Fuse will be the stimulus for the Ignite phase of the project.

Ignite will commence 7 February – 7 May 2013, and through the use of drama, music, art and creativity, Griffin Theatre Arts will increase children’s confidence in communication skills. Team work and team building will also be explored through performance skills. During the Ignite phase, Griffin Theatre Arts will deliver a music and a design project.  Primary schools in the region will work with professional, regional artists, including Carl Davies and Sarah Clough.  Ignite: Music will involve participants explore the voice and create songs inspired by the ideas generated from the Fuse phase, that they will then perform for an invited audience.  Ignite: Design will involve pupils creating immersive art installations that will culminate in a celebration sharing at Sheffield’s Millennium Galleries.

The work and ideas generated from the Fuse and Ignite phases will be the stimulus for the Explosion phase of the project.

Explosion, will be the scratch performance of the new, professional play for children and young people that has been inspired by the work in Ignite and Fuse, and will be performed by local artists and shared in a a final celebration showcase (which will feature work from each phase) to which project participants will be invited to.

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